Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Current Projects

Project Staff Region

Water-level Monitoring

Anne Arundel County Observation-Well Network David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Charles County Observation-Well Network Andy Staley Coastal Plain
Queen Anne's County Observation-Well Network David Bolton Coastal Plain
Southern Maryland Potentiometric Surface Maps (Power Plant Research Project) David Andreasen, Andrew Staley, and Stephen Curtin (USGS) Coastal Plain
St. Mary's County Observation-Well Network Andy Staley Coastal Plain
State-wide Monitoring Network David Bolton Coastal Plain

Water Supply

Groundwater sustainability MGS, USGS, and DNR science teams State-wide

Water Quality

Monitoring Groundwater in the Marcellus Shale Region David Bolton and David Drummond Fractured Rock
Methane in Appalachian Plateau Groundwater David Drummond and David Bolton Fractured Rock
Kent Island Salt-Water Intrusion Monitoring David Drummond Coastal Plain
Evaluation of Areas with Elevated Groundwater Radioactivity in Charles County, Maryland David Andreasen Coastal Plain


Anne Arundel County Land Subsidence Study David Bolton and David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Land subsidence-monitoring network to assess the potential effects of groundwater withdrawals in Southern Maryland David Andreasen and Stephen Van Ryswick Coastal Plain
Cecil County Potomac Group Study Heather Quinn Coastal Plain
Hydrogeologic Assessment of the Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) Expansion Project Johanna Gemperline Coastal Plain