Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Past Projects

Project Staff Region
Monitoring Groundwater in the Marcellus Shale Region Tiffany VanDerwerker, David Bolton and Johanna Gemperline Fractured Rock
Effects of increased withdrawals from the Aquia aquifer on the Mayo Peninsula, Anne Arundel County, Maryland with an evaluation of water quality Johanna Gemperline, Tiffany VanDerwerker, and David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Modeling effects of future groundwater withdrawals in Anne Arundel County well fields David Andreasen Coastal Plain
St. Mary's County Observation-Well Network Andy Staley Coastal Plain
Cecil County Potomac Group Study Heather Quinn Coastal Plain
Preliminary investigation of elevated radioactivity in groundwater in Charles County, Maryland David Andreasen and David Bolton Coastal Plain
Hydrogeologic Assessment of the Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) Expansion Project Johanna Gemperline and David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Charles County Patuxent Aquifer Study Andy Staley and David Andreasen Coastal Plain
Hydrogeology of the Port of Baltimore Confined Aquatic Disposal Pilot Project Area, Masonville, Maryland David Andreasen, Lindsay Keeney and David Bolton Coastal Plain
Methane in Appalachian Plateau Groundwater David Drummond and David Bolton Fractured Rock
Garrett County Ground-Water-Quality Data Acquisition David Bolton, Heather Quinn, and David Andreasen Fractured Rock
Evaluation of Lead Concentrations in Well Water from the Piedmont Area of Harford County, Maryland Kate Burgy, John Resline, and Peter Smith Piedmont
Maryland Coastal Plain Aquifer Framework David Andreasen, Andy Staley, and Jon Achmad Coastal Plain
Eastern Shore Test Wells David Drummond, David Andreasen, Andy Staley, and David Bolton Coastal Plain