Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Maryland Geology

    Maryland boasts a rich geologic history and a diverse collection of geologic features. Find out more through our website. (The north face of Sideling Hill road cut along I-68 in Washington County, Maryland.)

  • Groundwater Supply

    A clean and abundant groundwater supply is vital to Maryland's future. Science-based investigations are critical to insure long-term resource sustainability.

  • Coastal Geology

    The Atlantic Coast and Chesapeake Bay shoreline are integral parts of Maryland's ecosystem and economy. Understanding the physical and chemical processes at work in those areas is critical to help manage conflicting demands. (Ocean City, Maryland, view from south to north. The Atlantic Ocean is to the right of the photograph and Sinepuxent Bay to the left.)

  • Educational Resources

    Many educational resources are available through the Maryland Geological Survey. Explore our website! (Dale Shelton of MGS discusses the geology of the Sideling Hill road cut with a geology class from the University of Maryland.)

Welcome to the Maryland Geological Survey!

The Maryland Geological Survey, created in 1896, is a scientific-investigative organization of the State of Maryland. The Survey is charged with investigating the geologic and water resources of Maryland through the application of the various disciplines within earth science. Its primary mission includes investigation and monitoring of water resources, geologic, topographic, and geophysical mapping, environmental geology, mineral resources, and coastal and estuarine geology.