Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Hydrologic data for Howard County, Maryland

1992, Dine, J.R., Adamski, J.C., and Tompkins, M.D.

Basic Data Report 19


This report presents a compilation of hydrologic data for Howard County, Maryland, for the period from 1896 to 1990. Data on 2,484 wells and 29 springs in the county, and 30 additional wells drilled in Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties by the Howard County Department of Public Works are included. Water-level data for 65 observation wells, geophysical logs of 6 wells, and measurements of physical properties for 11 springs are also included. Chemical analyses of ground water include 179 major-ion and organic-carbon determinations, 120 determinations of trace elements and radon, 68 triazine-group pesticide determinations, 69 determinations of carbamate-group pesticides, 11 determinations of volatile organic compounds, 24 tritium determinations, and 61 nitrogen and phosphorus determinations.

Streamflow information includes drainage-basin characteristics for 33 sites, monthly and annual flow statistics for 11 gaging stations, and discharge measurements at 22 partial-record stations. Chemical analyses of stream water include 281 major-ion determinations, 57 determinations of physical properties, bacteria, nutrients, trace metals, and radionuclides for the Patapsco River, and 14 pesticide and 10 trace-metal determinations on stream-bottom materials. Water-appropriation and withdrawal data for ground-water and surface-water sources also are presented.

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