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Steep Run Cave, Garrett County

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Steep Run Cave is developed in the Loyalhanna Limestone.


Steep Run Cave was discovered in 1955 by Bob Corliss and Bob Glaze. The entrance is a 3 foot diameter hole in a rocky stream bed, about 25 feet below the point where the stream sinks through cracks and gravel entering the cave below. Fifteen feet inside the entrance one encounters another small stream issuing from the long crawlway passage to the east. This stream flows over a 10 foot drop into a lower room and disappears into an impassable siphon at the bottom.

We have no pictures from Steep Run Cave, but it has been mapped by the Baltimore Grotto of the NSS.
You can download a PNG image file or an Adobe Acrobat file of this map.

Detail of Steep Run Cave map
Detail of Steep Run Cave map

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