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A Gallery of Maryland Caves

Dennis Slifer, co-author of Educational Series 3: Caves of Maryland, has made available a set of photographs of 19 Maryland Caves. These pictures were taken in the late 1960's and early 1970's during a survey of Maryland caves. Some additional photographs have been taken by MGS geologists since that time.

The photos are arranged by county, and can be viewed by using the index map or the links below. If you are interested in seeing the only cave open to the public in Maryland jump to the Crystal Grottoes page.

To see a cave, click on a name below or the map below.

cave index map

Allegany County

Frederick County

Garrett County

Washington County

Dennis Slifer (left) and Richard Franz (right)
The authors of ES-3: Caves of Maryland, Dennis Slifer (left) and Richard Franz (right) circa 1969.


Spelunking, the sport of cave exploring, is a popular hobby. For information about caving, see the links below. Do not explore caves unless you know what you are doing, and never enter a cave alone. Make sure you are accompanied by an experienced caver and you are outfitted properly. Many caves require rope work and rappelling skills, and explorers need to be in good physical condition. Always ask permission from the cave owner to enter a cave . Almost all Maryland caves are on private or restricted property. Some caves are expressly closed to exploration. Remove nothing from a cave. Failure to follow these rules can result in injury, arrest and prosecution, and death. For instance, there have been several reports of bad air in at least one Maryland cave;. Only an experienced caver, with specific knowledge of this cave would recognize the risk of entering this cave. For more information about caves, see MGS's reissued Educational Series Report 3: Caves of Maryland, and our list of caving resources.

A Note on White Nose Syndrome and Bats : Please be aware of the spreading disease wiping out bat populations in the east.  For information on this problem see the DNR page Bats and Diseases.

Cavers should check in advance this updated list of closed caves from the National Speleological Society.