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    Geologist II

    The Department of Natural Resources – Maryland Geological Survey is seeking to fill a position at the Geologist II level. The successful applicant will perform several primary and diverse functions including routine field investigations and collection of data and physical samples; compilation and interpretation of field and laboratory data; creation/maintenance of spreadsheets and databases; and creation/maintenance of GIS mapping and analysis products derived from data analysis. Field investigations will be performed using UAV aerial, hydrographic, geophysical and GPS surveys. Ability to create maps and geospatial data sets using GIS software including ESRI ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator and SURFER is important. Preference given to those candidates with experience assembling GIS and National Geologic Map Database Geologic Map Schema (GeMS) database components for geologic mapping efforts. Field investigations will involve exposure to a variety of conditions; surveys are conducted both on land and on research vessels of various sizes on Maryland waters. This position operates under moderate supervision of Lead Geologists and the Program Chief of Coastal and Environmental Geology.

    The main purpose of this position is to conduct geologic investigations of Maryland’s tidewater, freshwater and bedrock resources. Particular emphasis is on collection and lab computer analysis of UAV aerial, hydrographic and geophysical data for understanding processes that govern the behavior of Maryland’s earth resources in their natural state and the influence of human activity on these resources. This position supports the agency mission by field data collection, GIS data processing, and data management. This information is applied by senior staff for diverse assessments such as mapping bathymetric changes, assessing sediment associated nutrient loading, and analysis of potential geologic hazards.

    Application Deadline: 4/23/2024 11:59:00 PM

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