Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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Geology of Gambrill State Park

2012, Maryland Geological Survey

Pamphlet 2012-01


Gambrill State Park is located along the western edge of the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province. The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch from northern Georgia to southern Pennsylvania. The Blue Ridge is made up of folded rocks that are broken in places by faults. In Maryland, the Blue Ridge consists of two separate ridges-Catoctin Mountain, locally known as Braddock Mountain on the east, and South Mountain to the west. The Blue Ridge is bordered on the east by the Piedmont Physiographic Province. The Piedmont is underlain by metamorphic rocks that were formed when the Appalachian Mountains were uplifted more than 250 million years ago (hereafter Ma). What we see from Catoctin Mountain today is the result of millions of years of erosion of those mountains.

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