Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Estimation of areas contributing recharge to selected public-supply wells in designated Metro Core Areas of Upper Wicomico River and Rockawalking Creek Basins, Maryland

2001, Andreasen, D.C. and Fewster, T.B.

Open File Report 2001-02-14

Key Results

Contributing areas of existing and hypothetical public-supply wells screened in the unconfined Salisbury aquifer in the Upper Wicomico River Basin and th e Metro Core Area west of that basin (Rockawalking Creek study area) were determined using two separate finite-difference , ground-water-flow models (MODFLOW) and a particle-tracking routine (MODPA TH). The contributing area of a pumping well is the area supplying recharge to the well from precipitation. The Salisbury aquifer, which is a shallow, water-table aquifer with relatively high transmissivity, is vulnerable to contamination. The mapped contributing areas can be used in the development of a well-head protection plan to protect s upply wells from contamination. The wells selected for analysis include ity of Salisbury Park.wells 17 and 18, other public-supply wells serving 25 people or more such as mobile-home parks and some commercial wells, and hypothetical production wells. Contributing areas of all other public-supply wells operated by U1e City of Salisbury were determined in an earlier study. The key results of the study include:



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