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Maryland's ancient sea creatures; Coloring and Activities Book

1999, Brezinski, David K.

Educational Series 8

From the author:

This book is intended for Maryland's young citizens to help them recognize some of the more common types of animals that once lived in our seas millions of years ago, and can be found today as fossils. To collect fossils you first must be able to recognize them. That is the purpose of this book. For our youngest citizens, coloring these shapes may be the only way to remember them. Somewhat older students can read about how these ancient animals lived, their shapes, and learn more by using the activities in the back pages.

Fossils can be collected in many places in western, central, and eastern Maryland. Those fossils found in western Maryland are older than those found in eastern and central Maryland and lived 500 to 300 million years ago. Those fossils found in central and eastern Maryland, such as at Calvert Cliffs, lived in an ancient ocean 10 to 20 million years ago. As you travel through Maryland, keep in mind that the rocks you are seeing might contain fossils.

David K. Brezinski
Maryland Geological Survey

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