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Water in Maryland: A review of the free state's liquid assets

1970, Walker, Patrick N.

Educational Series 2


Mismanagement of our monetary income can lead to bankruptcy. Mismanagement of our water income can also have disastrous results. Marylanders live in a water-rich area and historically have had no major water problems. Our water needs are increasing as our population increases, and it is time we begin to look at the way we manage our water resources. Public awareness is the first requisite to proper management of any resource.

This report is intended to present to the citizens of Maryland an account of possibly the most important natural resource they have - water. Chapters are titled as though they deall with parts of a financial budget because water resources must be managed just a finances must be managed. A precise analogy between a monetary budget and a natural resomce does not exist. Thus the various financial terms used in describing water resources may differ slightly from the definition as given in the dictionary. The terms serve as a familiar frame of reference for our water resources picture.

If this booklet causes any increased public consciousness that our water resources need to be used properly and conserved for the future citizens of Maryland, then it has served its purpose.

"Water in Maryland" was prepared in the Towson, Md., office of the Water Resources Division, U. S. Geological Survey, under the direction of Walter F. White, District Chief, in cooperation with the Maryland Geological Survey, Kenneth N. Weaver, Director.

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