Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Harford County ground-water information: Well records, chemical quality data, and pumpage

1975, Nutter, L.J. and Smigaj, M.J.

Basic Data Report 7


This report is a compilation of heretofore unpublished ground-water data collected for the most part between 1973 and 1975 as part of a study of the hydrogeology of Harford County. Records of about 1,260 wells and chemical analyses of about 135 ground-water samples are contained in this report; records of an additional 500 wells are published in Bulletin 4 (Bennett and Meyer, 1952) and Bulletin 17 (Dingman and Ferguson, 1956). This report includes about 25 chemical analyses from Bulletin 4 and Bulletin 17 along with the well records of those 25 wells; records of other wells published in Bulletin 4 and Bulletin 17 are not included in this report.

Harford County is in northeastern Maryland and is bounded on the northeast by the Susquehanna River, on the southeast by Chesapeake Bay, on the west by Baltimore County, and on the north by York County, Pennsylvania. About 80 percent of the county is in the Piedmont physiographic province and is underlain by metamorphic and igneous rocks of Precambrian and early Paleozoic geologic age. The remaining 20 percent of the county is in the Coastal Plain physiographic province and is underlain by unconsolidated sand, gravel, and clay of the Cretaceous Period and the Pleistocene Epoch.

Harford County has a land area of 448 mi2 (1,160 km2) and had a population of 115,378 in 1970. The altitude ranges from sea level along the Chesapeake Bay to about 780 ft (240 m) near Norrisville in the northwest corner of the county.

Ground water is used for most domestic, commercial, industrial, and public water supplies in the county; the town of Havre de Grace, the town of Bel Air, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and the Edgewood Arsenal are the only major users of surface-water supplies. Both Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal (now part of Aberdeen Proving Ground) have limited standby ground-water supplies that are used occasionally.

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