Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Hydrologic data for Cecil County, Maryland

1987, Willey, R.E., McGregor, R.A., de Grouchy, J., and Tompkins, M.D.

Basic Data Report 16


This report is a compilation of surface-water and ground-water data for Cecil County, Maryland. Surface-water data include streamflow measurements and chemical analyses of water for 29 partial-record stations. Analysis of stream-bottom materials also are shown for trace elements at 20 sites and for pesticides at 10 sites. Ground-water data include water-level measurements for 54 wells, descriptions of 1,540 selected wells and 36 springs, chemical analysis of water from 86 wells, and lithologic logs of 17 wells and test borings ranging in depth from 95 to 1,458 feet. Surface-water and ground-water-appropriation data also are reported.

Downloads and Data

Basic Data Report 16 (pdf, 66 MB)