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Triadelphia Reservoir Bathymetry Data

Triadelphia Resevoir Bathymetric Map

PLEASE NOTE: These images and data are for illustration purposes only. Do not use these documents for navigation, legal purposes, or anything really important. They were created only to illustrate our publications and are not accurate enough to be used for any other purposes. You may use them as illustrations only and you must give credit to Maryland Geological Survey.

The Triadelphia Reservoir bathymetric map is based on surveys conducted by Maryland Geological Survey in May and June 2004. The contour interval is 2 meters . The shoreline was digitized from 2004 digital orthophotophotographic images. We do not yet have paper copies available of this map. When paper copies are available we will update this page with information on how to obtain them. If you have access to a large-format color printer you can print this map yourself from the PDF file.

The Triadelphia Reservoir Bathymetric Map PDF file size is 3.8 megabytes. To view or download this map click on the image to the right or click here

The report on Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge Reservoirs is available here.

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