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The Offshore Sand Resources Study

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Offshore Sand Resources Study Results
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During this study, we identified 792 million cubic meters of sand deposited in 19 shoals. The shoals are within 24 kilometers of Maryland's coast, and the sand is located in depths of less than 15 meters. Of the 729 million cubic meters of sand, 250 million cubic meters are suitable for beach restoration projects.

Weaver and Isle of Wight Shoals, in Shoal Field I, have an excellent potential as sand sources for Fenwick Island beach replenishment projects. Little Gull and Great Gull Banks both appear to have adequate resources for northern Assateague Island nourishment projects.

Maryland's Potential Sand Resources
(in million cubic meters)
Shoal “Beach Quality” Sand Total Sand Sand-bearing shoals off Maryland's coast
Weaver (Shoal Field I) 63 71
Isle of Wight (Shoal Field I) 54 104
A (Shoal Field II) -- 79
B (Shoal Field II) 30 38
C (Shoal Field II) -- 6
D (Shoal Field II) 12 18
E (Shoal Field II) -- 24
Great Gull Bank 12 48
Little Gull Bank 24 38
F (Shoal Field III) 9 42
G (Shoal Field III) -- 18
H (Shoal Field III) -- 32
I (Shoal Field III) -- 50
J (Shoal Field III) -- 48
K (Shoal Field III) 46 106
L (Shoal Field III) -- 55
M (Shoal Field III) -- 15
TOTAL 250 792

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